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Soggy Bottom

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Soggy Bottom

Deep in the uncharted depths of a southern swamp is a special place. At first all seems calm and peaceful, soft moss hanging from the trees, traces of mist catching the moonlight as it rises from the warm swamp water. But all is not as it seems. If the hills have eyes then the swamp has teeth. Visitors tags for casual visitors and photographers are available. A small community exists here, eking out an existence in ramshackle buildings fighting against wood rot and rising damp. The locals look out for their own kind and don't take kindly to outsiders snooping around. Anything could happen, and the alligators will remove all evidence. If you want to fit in try hanging out at the "Lazy Gator" bar, its a nice place, country music, dancing on the floor, the bar, or on a pole. Try a jar of Pa's famous moonshine. The locals like to do all the normal things folks do for entertainment. Dancin, drinkin, mud wrestling, more drinkin, gator hunting. Usually in that order. You can easily become a local, there are low-priced rentals with all the modern conveniences, most of them have a nearby outhouse, and outdoor shower.

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