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Welcome to Xanadu Forest, a place of magic and mystery. Built with love from elements found in the last 4 Fantasy Faires, Xanadu has a little something for everyone. Here you are welcome to roleplay, explore, relax with your friends or take beautiful photographs for your special memories, or just play a game or two of Greedy. You are encouraged to use the shared environments as the lighting here is part of the attraction and don't forget to take a visit to the fantasy bowling alley (Even elves enjoy a little bowling too). You will find dryads and elves, Dragons, pirates, and scattered evidence of a demonic presence. With enough searching, you may even find the home of a certain Slenderman (we advise extreme caution entering his home). There are no strict roleplay rules in Xanadu, you bring your own RP here or perhaps use Xanadu as a foreign land for your own RP group. Please join the group, Xanadu Forest, to stay up to date with any fun activities or events. Stop by anytime the forest welcomes you.

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