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    • Worth it all

      It is a cold October night when you reach that little village. The fog becomes denser and denser and it's getting colder and colder. The cold goes through your clothes and you feel a cold hand grab your heart. Something is different here. Something is weird. You pass the town wall. You hear whispers and murmurs. Where are the people? The sound of music is coming from somewhere. The fog is getting even denser, and all of a sudden you see a mountain in front of you. On top of it, there is a building ... you can spot a light ... maybe you could ask there for the way ... or ... better not?

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    • The Devils Storys

      Imagine all your favorite childhood stories read by the Devil himself! Would you be brave enough to stay until the end?

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    • Spooky Trails at LeLoo's World

      Howling wind and the blowing of the leaves are a true sign that Halloween is here! You're invited to explore the Spooky Trails at LeLoo's World. Give your feet a break and grab a free Pumpkin-Mobile or Taxi HUD to take you on your Halloween adventure. Don't forget to enable 'Use Shared Environment' and turn on your sounds for the best experience. Everyone is welcome to this PG event! Don't forget to share your images in the LeLoo's World Flickr group:

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    • Le Village de Roqueblanche

      Roqueblanche is a french village nested in the Provence. Fields of lavender, vineyards and Mediterranean sun are there for your enjoyment. Come take pictures, visit the village and enjoy its places, café , and old trees. The countryside offers you amazing promenades along the paths.

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    • Le'eaf Forest Retreat

      Slip quietly through the iron gate at the entrance of the Le’eaf Forest, leaves rustling under your feet as you make your way down the path to a welcome vice. Tucked away, the Le’eaf&Bean has a secret second location among the trees and rain.

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