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    • La Garde-Aris

      The well-known Provence village of La Garde-Aris will be delighted to host you. You will find pleasurable stops in the Fisherman's creek, on the hills near the old Sarrasin ruins, along the sandy beach, at the very lively market square, and in the beautiful Villa at the end of Rue Bel Aris. Join the group to rez poses and accessories.

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    • 80Days - The Bayou

      80Days - The Bayou is in the deep south and is home to the Jazz and the Blues. Visit this colorful French Quarter, take a break barbecuing at the banks of the majestic Mississippi, or board the impressive Dixie Belle. Romantic spots invite you to stay for a dance or for enjoying the atmosphere with your beloved ones. If you prefer adventures to romance, explore the bayous by boat. But beware of alligators!

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    • Soul Deep

      At Soul Deep you can enjoy a walk in nature, explore all around the forest, meadows, and beaches. Perfect hangouts for you and your friends, or maybe even to enjoy a little romance? Picture perfect spots, funny quirky, and silly little areas to be discovered that will surely bring a smile to your face!

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    • Hammifari - Zoo-Palooza 2

      The Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary returns for their second annual zoo at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds this spring! The Belli Hammies decided it would be fun to bring the beloved community of Bellisseria a brand new adventure this year! They are heading deep into the African Savanna! The animals are out, roaming in the wild. There are no cages and gates to keep them in. So be mindful of where you tread! Hammifari will run from May 2nd to the 21st.

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    • Hermosa Tierra

      Step into the history of soulmates Veleta & Jorge and the Texas land that they loved. Allow the desert sun to glow your skin, while you dance amid the bluebonnets. It will be a photogenic holiday for you. Explore the two photography art galleries and the vast canyons. Read the story at

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