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    • El Pueblito at LeLoo's World

      A little Pueblo nestled in the middle of a desert patch. A place to wander as you take in the desert's beauty and simplicity. Or, make your way to the colorful market street with its little shops and food booths. Everyone is welcome to this PG event! Find your favorite spot for those wonderful desert pictures and feel free to share them in the Flickr group:

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    • Hammifari - Zoo-Palooza 2

      The Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary returns for their second annual zoo at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds this spring! The Belli Hammies decided it would be fun to bring the beloved community of Bellisseria a brand new adventure this year! They are heading deep into the African Savanna! The animals are out, roaming in the wild. There are no cages and gates to keep them in. So be mindful of where you tread! Hammifari will run from May 2nd to the 21st.

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    • Krak Bak Caye at The Sim Quarterly

      Krak Bak Caye is a tropical island built to engage your senses and your lust to wander! Turn on your sounds and get lost in the sights of this beautiful destination! Boating, windsurfing, paddleboarding, sunbathing, snoozing, snorkeling - Krak Bak Caye has it all! Come be a tourist again! This scenic installation is open from May 5th to July 25th at The Sim Quarterly. Find out more details at

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    • JuVa

      JuVa is the place for entertainment! A destination for all kinds of art in Second Life. There is a theater, an outdoor stage, a wedding area, and of course an exclusive club in the sky. There will be live singers, theater groups, dance groups, and the club world together. Even exhibitions are possible in the french garden. Drop by and check it out, for your entertainment!

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    • Soul Deep

      At Soul Deep you can enjoy a walk in nature, explore all around the forest, meadows, and beaches. Perfect hangouts for you and your friends, or maybe even to enjoy a little romance? Picture perfect spots, funny quirky, and silly little areas to be discovered that will surely bring a smile to your face!

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