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Crowne Heights Community

Crowne Heights Community is a Role Play Community themed in the 1950s time period. They support the MyStory and Beyou role-play systems for your living and leisure needs. Their upper-tier community is made up of beautiful homes for rent, an interactive basketball court along with a full playground for MyStory users. You can find their monumental Crowne Jewel Hotel, which is now a historical attraction. A Memorial Park and Sweet Magic Bakery can also be found on this level. Their full services include but are not limited to, Pink Ladies Hair Salon, A Cut Above Barbershop, and Batista's Day Spa. In the Downtown area, you will find interactive bowling and library, The Spotlight Jazz club, and a movie house with premier movies by LP Kidd. The lower-tier community is made up of beautifully built brownstone rentals with a full playground for Beyou users, and an elementary school.

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